Loser civic

she has quit fantage

Civic_ princess

As you know civic_princes also known as Civic, is the most well known fantagian. she has reached an incredible level of 1979 { in 2o11} she has been playing since 2oo8. some of her friend call her jen ,which is her real name. she decided to quit fantage. Though her level have been rising and she has been cange her outfits after she has quit red ninja her close one has been helping her keep going.

Her buddies

As you know everyone wants to be Civic's friend, but Civic doesnt want to be everyone friend. Civic has a full list of buddies and for sure doens't want to delete any of them. If you ask her to be you're buddy she wont accept. As a normal person she only adds who she wants to add.People may get little crazy when the see her so if i were you then i would just say hi and move on with my day. For some reason she doesn't like too much attention but i give her credit no one would want to bugged all day just so she can add you. She usaully loggs in the the empty severs thats why shes not easy to find. In the early weekof 2o12 she has quit fantage and is not coming again she said she prefered "Secert builders".

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